Personal Study Contract

  • I will commit to be a part of a project team and serve on it, for the good of our common purpose, to the best of my ability, taking my personal strengths and spiritual gifts into account. 
  • I will fulfill the requirements laid out in the syllabuses that accompany each study module.
  • I will participate in all team meetings I am expected to attend, but can be excused by prior agreement with the team if there is a need. 
  • I will present a two-page book report of every book I will read as a part of the program. The report will be an over all presentation of the book’s content and will not necessarily contain my personal evaluation of it.
  • I will attend the lecture-style sessions that accompany each study module.
  • I will write, grade and let my team grade the essays that are to be completed with each study module.
  • I will keep a journal that will shortly describe new discoveries that I have made, steps forward taken, personal reflections, and other helpful material.
  • I will make and maintain a portfolio that will contain all my written material, project plans and personal development material.