Team Learning At Woodlands Seminary

Team Learning has been applied in some universities for years. It is growing in popularity and influence to the degree that all universities in Finland will be obliged to have a Team Teaching Business Department in the future.

The purpose of this teaching method is to:

  • Improve students’ problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Integrate studies and practice in a way that corresponds to the way Jesus trained His apostles.
  • Provide students with active-learning opportunities.
  • Teach students how to collaborate as teams effectively.
  • Provide for creative teaching experiences.

Team Study Groups

The following principles will be a part of the signed contract between the student and the Woodlands Seminary

  • Be present at every team teaching session.
  • Be fully prepared to participate and sometimes lead team teaching sessions.
  • Study cooperatively in a team setting.
  • Participate with an open mind.
  • Participate in personal, team and project evaluations.
  • Inform the team ahead of time if he or she cannot attend a meeting.
  • Refrain from discussing Team problems outside of the group until after the conclusion of all group meetings at the end of the week.

Team study groups meet every week throughout the semester (See Weekly Seminary Schedule). Two excused absences are allowed; if a student misses more than two sessions, he or she will be asked to leave the group. Students are informed that these requirements are intended to maintain consistent group membership and to foster effective group dynamics.