Will any of my college classes transfer into Woodlands seminary?
Not at this time. In order to complete your certificate program at Woodlands Seminary, you must also have completed an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s degree from an outside academic institution. We do allow students to be enrolled in Woodlands Seminary at the same time as another college or university, provided there are no scheduling conflicts. You will not be issued a certificate of completion from Woodlands Seminary unless you have finished your outside schooling requirements as well.

Will you be ordained when you complete your degree plan?
Everyone who completes a degree plan at Woodlands Seminary will have the opportunity to apply to be ordained by an ordination board. Ordination is not guaranteed.

Am I guaranteed acceptance into the seminary?
We cannot guarantee acceptance. Many factors go into considering an applicant, and space is also limited.

Will I have a job at the end of this program?
We cannot guarantee employment upon graduation. We do believe however that our degree plans offer an un-paralleled combination of experience and teaching that makes a graduate very attractive to prospective employers.

Do I have to take all of my semesters consecutively, or can I space them out? 
You do NOT have to take your semesters consecutively. For example, if you want to take a summer session only in between regular university semesters, you will earn 10 credits towards a degree certificate from Woodlands Seminary. A degree certificate will be issued when the number of credit hours required has been fulfilled by the student, regardless of the time frame taken to earn the credits. 

How much does a semester cost?
A semester at Woodlands Seminary costs $1000.00. Financial Aid is available.

What does my payment cover?
Payment covers tuition, fees, and books. It does not cover housing, food, or any other living expenses.

Is there a housing program to help me find a place to live?
If you are in need of housing, we will attempt to assist in finding you a place to live. It will not be rent-free.

Are there scholarships available to assist with tuition?
In order to apply for a scholarship, you must first be accepted into the seminary. Once you have been accepted, you will then have the opportunity to apply for financial aid.