Woodlands Seminary is a program designed to thoroughly equip people for ministry service.

Students will earn degree credit through a variety of ways, with several different degree plans offered. The school year will be divided into a Fall and Spring Semester, with a Summer Session offered as well. Ten credit hours can be earned each semester. Fall, Spring, and Summer session are considered equal, with 10 hours able to be earned each session.

2018 Academic Calendar

Credit Hours are earned in the following ways:

  • Ministry Service. Each student will serve up to 25 hours a week in a ministry setting (work load is dependent on degree plan), which will count for 4 credit hours per semester.
  • Study Modules. Each student will complete 4 study modules during each semester, which will count for 1.5 credit hours each, for a total of 6 hours per semester. Summer Session will have a condensed curriculum. Each study module is comprised of lecture, individual book study, as well as a heavy emphasis on team-based learning. Students will be assigned teams, and will complete the study modules together as a team. Click here for a list of example study modules.

The leadership of Woodlands Seminary will assign the four study modules that students will complete each semester. Each study module will have a syllabus, where specific expectations and guidelines will be explained.

The objective with each study module is:

  • To get an adequate understanding of the subject as to content, historic, cultural, philosophical and theological context.
  • To have an adequate knowledge and retaining of the content of the study material.
  • To understand and be able to show how the achieved understanding is relevant to the actual ministry involvement.